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Item #1: Skydive the ranch

The first week of August, immediately after the NYRR team championship 5 miler, my new friends and I set off on a journey to attempt a dream that I had 7 years in the making. I had written skydiving as the 1st on my list

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Majority paleo

Paleo has been around for quite awhile and I’ve tried it a few times to see how it has reacted to my body. It was first mentioned to me by Jon Crowell and after some literature I realized that I grew up mostly on Paleo.

TCS New York City Marathon

TCS New York City Marathon

I’m honoured to be running the TCS New York City Marathon this year. With that said, I decided to make this infographic about my marathon plans and the charity that I’ll be funding again: Girls on the run because it’s a pretty great charity. If


Still attempting to develop a style

I’m starting to move away a little from the Sanzaru concept by focusing more on what my pens and markers are doing. Of course I started doing these thinking that I’ll have to fund my signing up for races habit but I’m starting to fall


Sanzaru or three wise monkeys

Sanzaru (Japanese) are instructional sayings about a general principle or rule for behavior. This is depicted by the three monkeys, who in the Japanese Proverb, associates with good mind, speech and action. Which is similar to the Western world saying “turning a blind eye.”  When I did these paintings

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The 50K is now my marathon

For the past couples years of running I set a few goals for running the marathon, sub-4 hours was one of them. When I finally broke it, it shouldn’t have been a shock to me that I slipped right into another goal: the ultramarathon (anything


The seven year itch

So they say that every relationship has a huge test after year 7. People try to reevaluate the reasons why they are together and find ways to fall in love again, that’s what I’m going through—a huge evaluation of my relationship with New York City.

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Perfection doesn’t exist

How does one lead by example with the caveat that they aren’t perfect? The personal project that I’m currently working on embodies ideals that I’m completely passionate about yet I have to come to terms that I might not be absolutely excluded because of my