My Open Water “tri”-matic experience

I akin this experience to skydiving where my body was reacting to my nervousness all the way to the ranch a few years ago. I had puked all the way on the car ride. However, it was also acceptance that this was going to be happening. I was going to do my first open water triathlon. I woke up at 5am to get my bearings. Mike suggested that we  ...

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Enjoying the Long Journey with Jerlyn Thomas

I’m on a podcast! I’ll like to thank Octane Athletic Performance for the opportunity to be on the podcast this week to talk about my journey in ultrarunning. You can listen here! [cincopa AgMAsZNzjdJE] I still owe you all a post about my recent races, my vacation to St. Croix in the past couple months and some other updates in my  ...

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I vent therefore I am

I forgot when I stopped writing frequently. I think I lost interest the day a peer mentioned that I didn’t proofread. I don’t think he knew how condescending that comment was to me at the time. People actually read this? No, no way, I don’t. This was my blog. I had been blogging before blogging was even a term. “Screw  ...

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I still don’t know what I will be doing with these but I started drawing these during the later part of last year and made them into a series. I would certainly love to do some of these live. In the meantime, here’s a consolidation of most of them. They were all drawn on my iPad during my commute to and from places in NYC on the MTA.

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