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August 2011

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How to survive a hurricane?

Live in metropolis with natives and immigrants who’ve never experienced a hurricane and freak out collectively. Not a surprise since we had an earthquake a few days earlier. It’s day 2 after Hurricane Irene. It wasn’t very strong in New York like I was certain it wouldn’t have been however, I took the proper precaution and prepared like I normally would have for any hurricane: Gathered all my flashlights (all 5 of them), packed an emergency bag (first aid kit  ...

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Food on my desk illustrations

You must have heard about the hurricane on the east coast: Hurricane Irene. I’m writing this post in the middle of it and nothing crazy is happening so far but I spent all day cleaning my apartment and sorting my art supplies. I got inspired and decided to draw food that I have had on my desk. Some of my Sharpies My Touch Colors, micropens and Prismacolors Grilled Veggies Balsamic Chicken & Avocado Sandwich Jerk Chicken I kind of like this project. I know there’s no  ...

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Battle of Brooklyn, legality issues etc.

No I’m not neglecting my blog. I’ve just been really focused on things like the 10 mile race that I did today and a half marathon that’s coming up in a week. In entertainment daily a la Jade: I seem to have indirectly got into some legal issues. Yes I’ve got an attorney and I can’t wait to be able to write about everything. It’s been a long time coming and I couldn’t blog about it last year when this nightmare first started but a year later  ...

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My Life in NYC

Body by Jerlyn, you are what you eat.

Disclaimer: I hope that I don’t offend anyone with actual weight issues with this post. I’m aware that my struggles might not be like most. The “Weight thing” It was so difficult for me to reach 100 lbs as a kid (I always remembered being skinny and tall). I remember trying to eat a lot to gain anything. I was 5′ 10″ by the end of high school so having a lean frame allowed me to develop bad habits like going throughout college eating for two people.  ...

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