How to survive a hurricane?

Picture 2

Live in metropolis with natives and immigrants who’ve never experienced a hurricane and freak out collectively. Not a surprise since we had an earthquake a few days earlier.

It’s day 2 after Hurricane Irene. It wasn’t very strong in New York like I was certain it wouldn’t have been however, I took the proper precaution and prepared like I normally would have for any hurricane:

Gathered all my flashlights (all 5 of them), packed an emergency bag (first aid kit included), double-check my canned goods (I always have canned food for an emergency not just this hurricane), store a container with water (if power goes, water won’t pump to certain floors in some building in NYC and I can’t go very long without a shower), charged all my devices, relocated valuables that were too close to windows and wait.

Although many tweets and status updates were about how lame or how ineffective this storm was, many of the people who wrote them weren’t watching the news. A few people died because of Hurricane Irene and although the damage in North Carolina was in the hundred thousands, in Vermont it was near a few million. Many locations flooded and power was lost to a few people, even here in New York City some places haven’t gotten power as yet. The rivers in the city also overflowed and some streets flooded causing some fear in a few folks who had to evacuated from those zones. Although Irene was a Category 1 storm (I’ve been through a Category 5 before), it wasn’t a storm to reckoned with. Hopefully if NYC has this experience again it will run just as smooth.

Yesterday was quite interesting commuting. The trains were emptier than normal and many people worked from home at  my job so when I got in the work day was slower than normal.

In all, how to survive a hurricane? Shut down the MTA service and force people to stay indoors: I got a great deal of work done (like cleaning my apartment) and had a very nice “staycation.” A few tree branches unfortunately fell a few street over from my street crushing a few cars however thankfully nothing happened to anyone.

How was your hurricane experience?

Food on my desk illustrations

Sharpies and Markers

You must have heard about the hurricane on the east coast: Hurricane Irene.

I’m writing this post in the middle of it and nothing crazy is happening so far but I spent all day cleaning my apartment and sorting my art supplies. I got inspired and decided to draw food that I have had on my desk.

Some of my Sharpies

My Touch Colors, micropens and Prismacolors

Grilled Veggies

Balsamic Chicken & Avocado Sandwich

Jerk Chicken

I kind of like this project. I know there’s no particular style right now but I’d love to continue drawing them.

Anyway, I hope that I’ll be posting after Irene. I’ve been through many hurricanes but all in the Caribbean. Quite curious to see what happens in NYC.

Battle of Brooklyn, legality issues etc.

Nike Frees

No I’m not neglecting my blog. I’ve just been really focused on things like the 10 mile race that I did today and a half marathon that’s coming up in a week.

In entertainment daily a la Jade: I seem to have indirectly got into some legal issues. Yes I’ve got an attorney and I can’t wait to be able to write about everything. It’s been a long time coming and I couldn’t blog about it last year when this nightmare first started but a year later hopefully the way they handled this goes against the agreement that we first had about not taking this to the WWW.
I hate the internet sometimes and I hate tell-alls but I believe in good karma and last year the dream that I had turned into a crazy nightmare. This nightmare  ultimately changed my life and made me lose trust in people that mattered. I still think I’m a good person who does my own thing that doesn’t interfere with other peoples lives. I thought a year later I would never had anything ever to do with this particular company ever again and now its almost like its a deliberate move to harm my well being. I promised not to go into details for the next few weeks until everything is settled and hopefully I will be able to in the end. The difference between the person that I am today and last year is: I’m a great deal stronger and I will not be pushed over or be slandered.  In the meantime, feel free to call and ask if you have my number.

Back to the  10 miler: I haven’t been running as frequently as I should and I did feel like I wasn’t ready for the JackRabbit and 10 mile race. We had to run 3 times around prospect park in remembrance of the Battle of Brooklyn the largest battle of the Revolutionary war 235 years ago… The beast of the hill in Prospect Park had a “time your climb” marker that should let me know how fast I went up each time. Every mile and a half there was a water station (that also provided power gels). I always got some water especially to wash my face.

When I ran the first loop I realized that I unfortunately had to urinate ( I know TMI but bear with me).   When I came around to some porta potties I figured I would never be able to carry this much liquid for the next 7 miles so I gave in. The potty was gross but I was able to relieve myself then I proceeded *shudders*. It was a great real easier to focus on my breathing and the mantra from the book Born to Run which says “Easy, Light, Smooth and Fast.” I was going about 6 minute miles but realized I would never keep that up going uphill – downhill was a breeze. Also, I was doing something idiotic:

I have brand new Nike Frees… Never ran in them but I took them with me this morning. I also forgot my knee support and Nike plus receiver. The frees were great. I almost bought new Vibrams Bikila but I just needed something light with soles… the Frees will do. Maybe that’s why I had no injury?

I’m a mess. What a mess. Next time, I should train in new shoes before I run actual races.

I finished in approximately 1 hour 36 minutes according to my Garmin watch – will have to get Jackrabbit’s results. While running, I used three people as my pacers. I realized this works very well in those races. In the end, I ran past my last pacer for the last .5 miles. It was a rush!

Next up: Bronx Half Marathon. Meh, I can do it.

Body by Jerlyn, you are what you eat.


Disclaimer: I hope that I don’t offend anyone with actual weight issues with this post. I’m aware that my struggles might not be like most.

The “Weight thing”

It was so difficult for me to reach 100 lbs as a kid (I always remembered being skinny and tall). I remember trying to eat a lot to gain anything. I was 5′ 10″ by the end of high school so having a lean frame allowed me to develop bad habits like going throughout college eating for two people.

Pretty Disgusting! (This was also followed with an icecream bar or two)

Anyway, the above is  me at senior year of high school, my exercise consisted of typing programming code languages and eating anything.

I was a mere 130 something pounds and I went off to college, possibly gaining another 10 lbs finally.

It was still a fluctuation of 5 lbs yearly, all throughout then and finally I graduated to move to NYC.

Immediately, I thought, “Jackpot!” Only if you’re a fellow a foodie, you can imagine how excited experiencing different cuisines was for me. It’s literally placing me in a candy store — well, there are also candy stores here.

I did start gaining but most of my friends were struggling with body issues incomparable to me so what would someone who was tall and 150ish have to complain about?

Nothing really until…

Fast forward to 2011.

I stopped exercising almost altogether except rack up miles on the track and parks. I could run like nothing but even if I burned 1800 calories a pop on distance, the scale doesn’t change after I noticed a 20ish lb difference.

I trained for a half marathon and that didn’t matter either (see, I don’t run to get slimmer). I did realize alcohol consumption had a lot to do with the weight gain (since it’s the only thing that changed about my diet). I stopped drinking altogether for the half marathon.

What do I do now?

Well, I think diet and exercise is a lifestyle change. Even if I love food, I had to start eating differently. I know, I do post my lunches on my facebook… the food that I usually had will change soon.

I needed to cross train as well. So when I started a new job, I checked out their corporate gym memberships immediately! I got a trainer who made me stronger and after all 8 sessions, I feel my running has improved and I’m able to push myself on my own now.

What many folks don’t realize is, exercise takes commitment. You can’t go on a couple weeks/months and immediately quit once you’ve reached your goal. You have to be able to maintain it. So, my daily routine now includes squats, dips, situps, leg raises and pushups (I’m doing the hundred pushups challenge). I also started tango classes last month and signed up for bootcamp, boxing, pole dancing and belly dancing which I will be redeeming as time  passes and I need new motivators.

I didn’t imagine that I’d ever be able to run the half marathon. I had to work at it, much like I have to work on exercise.

Since the half,  I’ve been able to also run the 5 mile pride race and 10K for Cystic Fibrosis. I have another 10 mile race to run and a half marathon the following week. I’ve been logging miles on the daily (everyone should join this) – great motivator. Send me a request and I’ll be happy to add you so that I can cheer you on!


I’ve also started this diet thanks to Miguel Cardona (@miggi)

I’ll keep  you guys  posted if I lose anything but currently my body looks leaner even if the weight is the same.

I realized the other day that most of my laundry has been gym clothes…

I’m basically addicted to exercise these days. I feel better, sleep better, have more energy… Hooray for staying healthy in 2011!

What are you doing for exercise? diet? etc?