#DIY: Shred Your Tee

I’m getting a little obsessive with these shredded tees—almost like I never saw them before. They are just perfect with these blazing temperatures lately. I’m not one to run or workout half naked but some exposure will do no harm 🙂


Here’s how I did it… it’s super easy. I actually followed a video initially and that can be searched easily if you’re into those.

1. I chose a Tee that I’d like to damage 😉 (I never ran this race so it’s only fair).


2. For the front, in order to get this effect, I folded it in half and cut finger width sizes. When it’s all cut I pulled them apart.


3. I didn’t want the sleeves so I cut them. Then I folded the shirt in half again and draw an elongated triangle at the back:


4. I cut finger-width snips following the triangle:


5. I pulled the strips to make them more “stringy.”


6. Then I weaved the back by bringing the 2nd string under the first string and over. Then the proceeding string under the 2nd loop and over… continue like that then clean up the weave by pulling on them to look like the lower right photo.


7. To end it, just cut the last loop and tie to the 2nd to last loop. Simple.


8. Create lots more!


Some tips:

Cut the collar to clean up the neckline.
You can cut the strings in half and tie them
Be creative!
Do a search on YouTube and Pinterest for ideas.


DIY Projects FTW!


I’m no carpenter but this is what I built over the weekend:

It’s a container to contain my containers haha.

I built it with my powertools and used my handsaw that I got from Home Depot :). The parts are from recycled parts from under my IKEA bedframe and an old college tv stand.

So, it even has wheels…