Sanzaru or three wise monkeys


Sanzaru (Japanese) are instructional sayings about a general principle or rule for behavior. This is depicted by the three monkeys, who in the Japanese Proverb, associates with good mind, speech and action. Which is similar to the Western world saying “turning a blind eye.”  When I did these paintings awhile back I didn’t think I would have revisited the concept but everything sort of fell into place in the past few weeks.

Hear, See, Speak no Evil

This was the first paintings that I did on the concept and they glow under black light (Which you can see here).

Now, three years later, I started doing these before vacation and seem to be developing a style. Maybe I’ll do more in the next few weeks.




wonder lilo Harley mcD SnowWhite

Testing the Inkling


I got a new toy this week. It’s the Wacom Inkling if you don’t know what it is, check out the video:

[youtube fXbBA1DRE84 nolink]

I was finally able to do a few tests with the inkling so here’s one that came out pretty decently (if you noticed from the original it lost the earrings that I sketched in last minute):

I like that I can export it into Photoshop, Sketchbook pro and Illustrator. Not only that, I can replay my sketch!

Here’s a quick video that I did with the player:

[youtube sb6MJRcBlxk nolink]

I hope to post some more soon after I’ve spent time mastering it.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil


I completed a new series of paintings which I started a few weeks ago last night.

I used purple and yellow hues to compliment the colors in my bedroom.

To add something signature, I decided to make it glow under black light. I know, abit creepy but a fun twist.

I love Black Light Paint, this is the finish product:

To be honest, I loved the progression before applying the lines but nonetheless, it’s now a great addition to my bedroom walls.

The black light makes it a little ghouly and fun.

Artist Trading Cards

Trading Cards

A few months ago Gardenia sent out an invitation for us to make artist trading cards.

I’ve never done this before but I love crafts :).

I accepted the invitation and today I gathered my glue, paper, sharpies, shears, scrap book paper and went over.

Of course we had wine to get the creativity thinking going. Here’s what we ended up with:


Have you ever made any? Send me a few photos: jerlynthomas[at] I’d love to see!