FEED ME: 15+ Flash Links + RSS

Feed Me will be a list of resources that are RSS feed worthy that i came across and I’m browsing or already are on my RSS Reader.
This post will be for FLASH/FLEX users. Currently I’m coding in AS3 however, if I found AS2 I was happy to included. This is in no particular order.

ActionScript 3 Design Patterns
OOP Techniques for Flash and Flex Developers
Continues from the book “ActionScript 3.0 Design Patterns published by O’Reilly Media.” | RSS

Adobe Devnet
Nothing’s better than the software company’s site itself. | RSS

A past favorite of mine. | RSS

There’s also The Flash Blog | RSS

Big Space Ship| | RSS

Grant Skinner (One of the best!) | RSS

Colin Moock (I got the chance to have a drink with him in my senior year with my team for Senior Project he seems like an all-around great guy) |  RSS

Justin Everett Church | RSS

BIT-101 Blog | RSS Keith Peters

Mike Chambers | RSS

Mike Downey | RSS

Flash Com Guru | RSS

Rock on Flash | RSS

Tink | RSS Will be @ Flash on tap

Chris Allen | RSS

Also, finally: Another good resource without RSS: Your Flash Help File. 🙂

Source of inspiration – theFWA.com & QBN.com