Adobe Max Conference

So by now, you would have realized that I have completely ignored my blog. This is because I had to take time to pay attention to the Conference.

Once again, this year was a HUGE hit. Well, this time around I didn’t win any Creative Suites but all of us got to take home Droid 2 and get shipped Google Tvs! What do you think of that? I’m totally preparing to create my apps!

I already tested some things out in Flash Builder:

We landed on Saturday however the conference didn’t start until Monday. So, my “idle” time was spent creating a banner for my current freelance gig (which went well thankfully)!

Sunday night, we went to see the ADAA Awards which was incredible. It was fantastic seeing students doing extremely innovative things with Adobe Creative Suite. It made me feel like going home and dedicate some hours to some serious coding… which I will be doing.


The first Session on Monday was the General one which was named “Welcome to the Revolution…” an understatement really. It’s incredible how much is being done with Adobe products and we were once again blown away. This was also the session where they announced that HTML 5 is being used in many ways and so is Flash and AIR (on … everything!). We were given Droid 2 phones here as well and there was a brief visit by Martha Stewart.

Then, I attended “Making Your Applications Social,” which briefly went over Gigya. I will certainly be using Adobe InMarket and Gigya for my games & apps in the future.

After, I attended “Building Drupal themes with Dreamweaver CS5” — since I am familiar with WordPress, I decided to attend this session partly because I can offer this to my clients from now on.

My final session for that day was “Build Your First Adobe AIR App for Android” which blew me away and I’m so psyched about my upcoming projects! We used FLEX SDK Hero and although we didn’t need an Android device, our Droid 2 was there to test *wink.*

We also hung out with some cool folks from the InMarket Team.

Being entertained by interactive walls ha ha.

On Tuesday:

Building Mobile Devices with jQuery (definitely see use with this). From this session, I can create mini sites and jQuery mobile devices even with SQL. We used jQTouch and jQuery. I will share examples as soon as I have completed them. Stay tuned.

User Experience the Next Generation was our Tuesday’s General Session… where it was announced that we all got Google Tvs!

After this session, I had Building Composite Rich Internet Applications. We touched based on Live cycle in this class and Enterprise. Then I left in the middle of it sadly however, I met with UX Magazine rep Elias Parker who interviewed me briefly.

My next session was “Creating Industry Standard eBooks for Distribution on Sony Reader, Amazon kindle, and Apple iPad,” In this session InDesign CS5 was used to export to Adobe Digital Editions. The speaker also touched base on EPUB enhancements in CS5.

My final session for that day was Hidden Gems and Technologies in Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop Extended. This program is so powerful and I will always push the reason for getting an upgrade can be simply because of Content-Aware and the Puppet Warp. It was also neat that I was able to beta test it last year before it came out.

After this was Sneak Peeks… As usual, INCREDIBLE things were announced… and awards were given to winners in different categories all using Adobe Products. William Shatner hosted it!

I will post as many sneaks as I can on youtube and Design Lady NYC fan page also there will be a follow up post.

By the way, I know very little about Star Trek and even if I’m a Tech Girl. I’ve only seen the recent movie. However, I did rank 139 in the contest that they had. I can be converted:

Of course, then the MAX Bash – where we mingled, got drunk, did some embarrassing things and grew closer to the Evangelists and reps, (I won’t write the creepy stories here).

On Wednesday:

This is usually the day that everyone disappears and MAX slows down…

I had AIR for Android: Discovering the Magic — and magically it was indeed… I had my very first AIR app running on the Android with Flash Builder. I had some pics of it on Facebook.

After that, I had Game On! Multiscreen, Multiplayer Game Development which was essential for me to think of my next gaming project (again, stay tuned).

Then I had Game Theory and Design for the Flash platform – I hope you see a pattern here…

Final Session for the day: Getting Paid: Leveraging Payments to Monetize Your Content… Pattern Completed.

I’m so grateful to have met familiar faces again like Anissa T, Michelle, Brian (remotesynth who is running RIA Unleashed this year) Ed Sullivan, Mark Anders, Sheri S, Mitch, Stef Sullivan, Greg Rewis, Mike, etc (sorry if I forgot any names). Also shout out to hermosawave who follows me on twitter and I finally got to meet in person. Here’s an incredible photo he took of my friends and I.

It was also great to meet new people this year!

Now I’m back in NYC. Did you guys miss me? Really, c’mon admit it :p.

Again, Adobe MAX experience was a win! See you guys next year!