What’s up?


It’s been a month at my new job and I couldn’t be happier. I still haven’t figured out how to write entries while I go about my day but I’ve done so many things that I hadn’t been able to do at my last job.

First let’s talk about the 50 plus miles that I’ve been able to log this month so far without dragging myself into the office right after.  I sleep better, I’ve lost over 6 lbs, my diet is more deliberate. I’m now a gym rat and I’m in a great mood with my very lovely team. I’m working on an incredible project with a fabulous jr art director and I’m continually challenging myself so that I feel like I’m learning every day.

Enough about the profession change for now as I am so freaking anxious to share with the world this exciting project. Too bad, I’ll have to wait. For now, I want to write about my diet changes and body changes.

Recently, I caught up with someone at a bar and they told me about how much weight they had lost in the past 3 months. I was shown before and after photos and I was completely shocked. So, I had seen people dropped lbs like no one’s business (think Jennifer Hudson but c’mon she could have had a trainer or nutritionist also) but meeting someone in person who had shed 40lbs in that short time on their own was ridiculously inspiring. I was told  that they used the app called loseit to keep track of their lifestlye. Ok, so miss early adopter here might have missed the wave on this fitness app because she had camped out in an office all day and donating to the gym so, this app was like a shiny new toy.

Loseit works like this:
– Set a goal.
– Get a daily calorie budget.
– Log breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and exercises.
– Do not go over calorie budget.
– If you go over the calorie budget, burn off those calories like mad by making it up with exercise.

I’ve found myself in the gym past 9pm from consumption guilt and of course I feel accomplished. I set a goal to lose 30 lbs but I’m more interested in decreasing my body fat percentage because I’m actually content at this mass – it makes me look healthier. Now, when I make it leaner, I will feel even more healthy.

To be honest, my vanity just wants me to look amazing in itty bitty dresses – there I said it.

Anyway, since I’ve gotten questions, my regime is this:
Some days I run so I have something half an hour before to fuel my body.
For snacks, I try to keep it healthy though I’m prone to random binge sweet intakes. My favorite snacks are actually fruit but I prefer mixed dried fruits and nuts. In the morning before my run I can have a cup of white rice or a cliff bar. I can’t seem to run without nourishment anymore.  After my run, I have proteins along with my 10 calorie vitamin pack. Along with my cup of coffee (with no sugar but probably 45 calories of my coffee creamers). I’ve experimented with C4 extreme so I realize that I might have to give up coffee (for at least 1/2 the day for now). I had to change from Neurocore because women shouldn’t take Geranium extract.

On the days that I don’t run:
Start off the morning with a balanced breakfast. If I don’t get a full breakfast because of time, I have a lean shake. Lean shakes are amazing for meal replacement and they are only about 120 – 170 calories. I also have my active vitamin pack. I also have my coffee (with or without creamers but definitely no sugar).

For lunch, it really all depends on how much I worked out. I prefer cooking for myself but I enjoy having gourmet meals (one of the best or worse things about NYC and diets). These days, I can have sushi everyday but a sandwich will do or anything to quickly fuel me throughout the day. Or, if I had been generous about breakfast, a Lean Shake will do.

For dinner, Lean Shake if it’s too late. Or, meats and veggies to my heart’s content.

This was me the other day:

By July 20, 2012, I hope to be either 30 lbs less or 18% body fat to feel accomplished.

Let’s see how it goes. I hope that will mean even better photos for this blog in the near buff?

I’ll share some of my workouts with you as time goes by. Let’s hope I can keep this up! My goal: At least half hour work-out per day.

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