10.10.10 NYC Comic Con

Revi convinced me into attending the NYC comic convention this Sunday – ok, so it didn’t take a great deal of convincing. I had a blast (with a capital B so, Blast!).

I want to attend next year! However by then I hope that I am partially done with my own novel.

The first thing we did was enter the Michael Jackson experience raffle to win a nintendo wii (I already own one). So I actually decided to preorder the video game on amazon.com instead. Let’s just say I will be practicing Michael’s lean until then (I will post the YouTube video).

Then we walked around some more. I bought 3 hardcover books which ended up being a special so I carried around 6 hardcover books. The highlight of all this were the artist signatures that we got.

She told me it took about a year and 1/2 to complete her novel. I can’t imagine what mine will be (determination right?).

However a few hours later, we were tired from the excess luggage in our hands.

I met a budding artist whose work I bought (6.50 for two books) she is on deviant art. Her name is Hanh Nguyen.

We also took tons of photos with other characters. (By the way I am wearing Robot Legs T-Shirt).

I checked in at the Rock Star Games booth and got a deck of playing cards.
A few more walking around and I purchased a marker set to get started on my novel (a little bit every day right?) since I need to do pre-digital sketching. I also picked up random free things on the way.

I also took a break and had some empanadas. I was famished.

Then I met Shawn Alleyne. An amazing artist! Hopefully he works with me. I want to create his website!

By the end, I was extremely exhausted, so we got Starbucks.

Check out Design Lady NYC on facebook to see the rest of the photos when I get the chance to upload.

Thanks Revi for the photos!