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Dean Karnazes

The 50K is now my marathon

For the past couples years of running I set a few goals for running the marathon, sub-4 hours was one of them. When I finally broke it, it shouldn’t have been a shock to me that I slipped right into another goal: the ultramarathon (anything

Pride Race

Frontrunner’s Pride 2012

I signed up for the Frontrunner’s pride race again this year. It’s a fun 5 mile race for the LGBT community and I fully support them. This year marked a year since it’s legal to get same-sex married in NYC. It was an honor to


Dreams to be a marathoner

My first race ever was in September of 2008. It was my first time running outdoors. It also was the most difficult run I’d had in my life! Can you believe it? Barely 3 miles. 2008 was actually a tough year for me and getting

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