I love good service

A couple weeks ago, I went to Starbucks with my friend and she got her drink but I waited for over 10 minutes for mine. One of the servers came up to me before I was going to complain. She offered me a coupon for a free drinks because she realized I had been standing there long.

I really appreciate good service and I’m happy that the barista did this because the only reason that I’m at Starbucks was because of my experiment – not the gourmet coffee (although I am fond of them now).

Some other notable things was Dominos giving me 2 coupons months ago for my delivery mishap. It makes me happy when brands realize that their customers are influential and keep us in good standing with them. I think we all care if we lose them from bad service.

Kudos to Starbucks and Dominos.

10.10.10 NYC Comic Con

Revi convinced me into attending the NYC comic convention this Sunday – ok, so it didn’t take a great deal of convincing. I had a blast (with a capital B so, Blast!).

I want to attend next year! However by then I hope that I am partially done with my own novel.

The first thing we did was enter the Michael Jackson experience raffle to win a nintendo wii (I already own one). So I actually decided to preorder the video game on amazon.com instead. Let’s just say I will be practicing Michael’s lean until then (I will post the YouTube video).

Then we walked around some more. I bought 3 hardcover books which ended up being a special so I carried around 6 hardcover books. The highlight of all this were the artist signatures that we got.

She told me it took about a year and 1/2 to complete her novel. I can’t imagine what mine will be (determination right?).

However a few hours later, we were tired from the excess luggage in our hands.

I met a budding artist whose work I bought (6.50 for two books) she is on deviant art. Her name is Hanh Nguyen.

We also took tons of photos with other characters. (By the way I am wearing Robot Legs T-Shirt).

I checked in at the Rock Star Games booth and got a deck of playing cards.
A few more walking around and I purchased a marker set to get started on my novel (a little bit every day right?) since I need to do pre-digital sketching. I also picked up random free things on the way.

I also took a break and had some empanadas. I was famished.

Then I met Shawn Alleyne. An amazing artist! Hopefully he works with me. I want to create his website!

By the end, I was extremely exhausted, so we got Starbucks.

Check out Design Lady NYC on facebook to see the rest of the photos when I get the chance to upload.

Thanks Revi for the photos!

Such a brand whore

It’s certainly not what you think, I don’t go for super priced items at stores or supermarkets but I realized that I am extremely influenced by brands. It’s usually from experiencing them and adapting to them. However, I ought to be ashamed of myself since I am fully aware of advertising. Heck, my day job is to get people to buy things (that they might not necessarily need).

Lately, I’ve been finding reasons why I need to purchase things. Recently, I determined that purchasing a Starbucks coffee might be better than preparing my own and it’s all because they got me with their marketing. Yes, they won. My last coffee grounds finished a week ago and I haven’t yet made a detour to the supermarket to purchase any. So, Starbucks influenced one of my peers awhile back and she recently showed me her gold card. Naturally, I wanted to switch from my regular card to get a spiffy, shiny card with my name on it. Yep, that’s how they did it. I am aware though that I need to use my card at least 30 times. This means 30 x $5 (approximately) equals $150 before I get a lustrous gold card.

Just 25 more times… if I keep forgetting breakfast.

However, the other thing I love about Starbucks is the experience itself. I can reload my card from my mobile phone or online.

I can check my past transactions. I can use their free wifi at any of their locations. I’m never stressed while waiting in line. They’ve most certainly won me over.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I came across an article on Bloomberg Businessweek and the products that I consume won when being compared to other brands. They called the issue The Popularity Issue (which I found online here). I am only covering the main ones listed that deals with my life directly and will do a follow up post if possible.

Here’s a run down:

Peanut Butter.

Of course Jif won. I love Jif. I don’t even like peanut butter that much but that’s my default brand. The store brand peanut butter doesn’t seem to compare. For the past 20 years Jif also seems to have been America’s favorite.

Booze: Smirnoff Vodka

Although I’m a Guinness type of gal, I don’t mind Smirnoff (Kids I’m not condoning your drinking at all). However, “Vodka is perceived as low-cholesterol, has no breath effects, is mixable, and is part of that whole Sex and the City, women-with-fancy-drinks phenomenon,” according to Thomas Russo.

Cereal: Honey Nut Cheerios.
But, I love Oatmeal.

Deodorant: Secret
Although I love using Dove.

Car Color: White
Although I would prefer Red, I don’t even have one 🙂 (I live in NYC).

Sneaker: Nike Air Force 1
I have never used Air Force 1s but I like my Nike running shoes :). I also like Zoo York. My favorite pairs of shoes are from Steve Madden.

Flower: Rose
I love roses and I love hibiscus flowers.

Lipstick: Revlon
I love  Opi.

The issue also covered face-offs.

Democrats won over Republicans, Budlight over Bud, Cats over Dogs, White over Whole wheat bread, Beatles over the Rolling Stones.

What are some of your favorite brands and which ones you would never substitute for another? Would you take a significant detour just to get that brand?

Design Lady NYC