A deal just for you!

Whooga Uggs

Hey ladies! For a limited time, and just for viewers of my blog, you can get 10% off if you ever thought of having a pair of Uggs. This deal is for a limited time only and to redeem use: 1493JERLYN. I know winter’s almost over but here’s your chance to steal a deal!

Whooga ugg boots warm your toes faster with lavishly thick thermofleece. Each pair of boots features luscious twin faced merino fleece, is double stitched for durability, shapes to the natural contours of your feet and is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

On their site you can see the comparison of regular Uggs and Uggs from Whooga. They are thicker, feel softer, healthier for your feet, shapes your natural contours with memory foam, are durable and are reinforced for support.

I’m also considering a pair (love the one to the left).

By the way, Whooga Uggs aren’t just for the ladies. Men you can also use the code 1493JERLYN to get your own pair of Uggs. “It was men who invented the ugg boot for their own use. The ugg boot is in fact a mens boot which has been adopted by women around the world but is in fact experiencing a strong resurgence amongst men!